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!! UTILISATEUR MAC --- Clic droit souris "ENREGISTER LA CIBLE SOUS..." !!

!! MAC USERS --- "ctrl + Click: FILES SAVE AS ... "  !!


  •  LOG70318 - eID CARD READER 


  •  LPP020 - Energy Meter
  • LBT001 - Bluetooth Mini Dongle

Dear Mac users

You don't have to install drivers for these products, the products are all plug and play.
The only thing you need to install is the software from our government:
To be sure you should best reboot your cumputer after the installation of the software is done.

Svp faire update vers version 10.11.5. Dès la plus nécessaire de installer des pilotes.
Attention : ne pas oublier de installer le soft de EID
Le mieux c’est de redémarrer après installation.

Here attaches is our test under Mac 10.11.5:

There is Smart Card Reader interface under hardware USB and the IC maker is recognized: Realtek Semiconductor corp.

Using Mac Safari browses the Website and find " Generic Smart Card reader" successfully.  

So Mac. 10.11. 5 is built in driver and compatible with our smart card reader. So we guess the problem you're facing is that the "Service provider's Website or program doesn't support service in Mac.